Ocean Acidification Forum starts 9 March!

The Ocean Action Hub is hosting the Ocean Forum discussions, which aim to engage stakeholders in assessing the challenges and opportunities related to delivering on SDG14 implementation in the run-up to The Ocean Conference. If you’re concerned about the Ocean’s future – as a local or global activist, a scientist or a government representative – please join the discussions!

Each discussion focuses on one of the agreed Partnership Dialogue themes and implementation of relevant SDG targets. The results will be shared with the conference co-facilitators, Member States and others as inputs into the Partnership Dialogues, Call for Action and Voluntary Commitments processes.

Facilitated by expert moderators from the United Nations and civil society, the second discussion focuses on Ocean Acidification. The devastating effects of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems is expected to be accompanied by significant impacts on communities and sectors dependent on the ocean for their livelihoods. Expert facilitators Kirsten Isensee (UNESCO-IOC), David Osborne (IAEA) and Bronte Tilbrook (CSIRO) will lead a discussion on challenges and strategies to minimise and address ocean acidification and its impacts. Please register to participate here and share your initiatives to implement SDG14.3 in your region. Contact: info@oceanactionhub.org.

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