“From the U.S. West Coast to the Ivory Coast: Building Scientific and Political Capacity to Respond to Ocean Acidification” – U.S. Center side event at the UNFCCC COP22, 9 November 2016, Marrakech

Time: 4:00 – 5:00 GMT

Primary Sponsor: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Available in live streaming.

Event Summary: The United States is leading efforts around the world to expand capacity for scientists in developing countries to measure ocean acidification (caused by rising CO2 in the atmosphere) and track its impacts such as erosion of coral reefs or loss of bivalve fisheries. The effect of high CO2 on the oceans is a major reason why the UNFCCC is focusing on figuring out how to reduce temperature increases from 2° to 1.5° C. Several workshops have been held in the past year under auspices of the Global Ocean Acidification (OA) Observing Network to expand participation from African countries. This event will showcase those activities with testimonials from African scientists from Egypt, Namibia and South Africa about the importance of this work for building resilience to ocean acidification in the developing world. The event will end with a call to support an international political alliance focused on OA resilience issued by the U.S. Pacific Coast Collaborative. The international political alliance is teaming with the Global OA Observing Network to leverage political influence to expand resources for this important effort.

Nore information on the U.S. Center side events at the COP22 can be found here.



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