The ocean acidification news stream celebrates its 10th birthday!

stats-blog-oaCan you believe it has been 10 years since the Ocean Acidification news stream featured its first post? On 5 July 2006, the news stream embarked on its mission to provide regular updates on ocean acidification-related activities – scientific papers, media coverage, jobs, meetings and other events etc., and it has turned into an essential and highly valued tool for the ocean acidification community worldwide.

The news stream matured under the umbrella of the European Project on Ocean Acidification (EPOCA), designed to continue for four years (2008-2012) and with the overall goal to advance our understanding of the biological, ecological, biogeochemical, and societal implications of ocean acidification. The EPOCA consortium brought together more than 160 researchers from 32 institutes and 10 European countries.

But the end of EPOCA did not bring the Ocean Acidification news stream to its closure. In July 2012, this first-of-its-kind online ocean acidification resource was “adopted” by the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC) of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It has been carefully nurtured since by the OA-ICC project team.

Over the years, also due to the rapid development of the ocean acidification field, the news stream significantly increased the density of information provided to its community of followers. For instance, the number of posts published in 2015 (1,246 pieces) was 5 times higher than the one recorded in the first year of the news stream’s existence. Alongside the growing number of ocean acidification research endeavors, the number of scientific papers featured on the news stream continued to conquer new heights – 16 times more papers published last year, compared to 2006.

The OA-ICC team would like to thank the news stream followers not only for their interest and loyalty, but also for their contribution to its content by sharing their publications and signaling ocean acidification-relevant efforts at local, regional and international level.

The OA-ICC is happy to help you stay tuned with the latest developments in the field of ocean acidification!

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