2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium on Ocean Acidification and Climate Change, University of Hong Kong, 5-9 december 2016

Registration deadline: 31 October 2016!

Coastal areas are increasingly vulnerable to climate change (i.e. warming and ocean acidification and hypoxia). Globally this issue has become one of the most serious socio-economic concerns because majority of coasts will soon become unsuitable for shellfish farming. This is a stark warning to Asia, which is not only a center of marine biodiversity but also accounts for >90% of world’s shellfish production.

A multidisciplinary team approach is required to evaluate these climate change impacts on coastal biodiversity/aquaculture and to under-stand the mechanisms behind these impacts. The lack of such a team effort, especially in Asia, is limiting our ability to preciously predict the nature and magnitude of climate change effects on coastal ecosystems. Bringing ecologists, molecular biologists, ecophysiologists, material scientists, engineers and aquaculturists together and facilitating interaction among them is necessary to project climate change effects and underlying mechanisms.

In 2012, we have successfully established a symposium “Interdisciplinary Symposium on Ocean Acidification and Climate Change (ISOACC)”. Now we are organizing a 2nd edition during December 5-9, 2016. Unlike several conventional conferences, here, we are aiming to bring scientists together who have strong interest in multidisciplinary collaboration in marine climate change research. In this 2nd ISOACC, we are hoping to:

  • Bring ecologists, engineers and molecular biologists to refresh ongoing collaborations and to establish new synergy to utilize new research tools from molecular biology, biomedical sciences and mechanical engineering in climate change studies;
  • Identify important research gaps that can be addressed by multidisciplinary collaborations;
  • Discuss the idea of establishing an “Interdisciplinary Centre for Oyster Re-search (ICOR)” to model the climate change impacts on oyster aquaculture, and
  • Form an international and interdisciplinary collaborative research team to provide advice and to advance OA–ASIA network.

Symposium themes and discussion topics

  • Multiple Stressors: Warming, ocean acidification and hypoxia
  • Biomineralization and shell structural mechanics in a changing climate
  • Integrated “OMICS” technology for marine climate change studies
  • Oyster aquaculture in a changing climate
  • Early-life stages of marine invertebrates in a changing climate

Organizing Chairperson: V. Thiyagarajan (Rajan), Email: rajan(at)hku.hk

Registration: Registration Fee — USD 500 (HKD 4000); send your registration to Ms. Jessie Lai, hylaia(at)hku.hk

Symposium website.

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