Free oceanography demo on the Port Townsend Marine Science Center dock

The Port Townsend Marine Science Center hosts “Oceanography on the Dock,” a field course that focuses on ocean acidification, set for 2-3 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 12.

Ocean acidification is a change in the ocean’s chemistry caused by its absorption of carbon dioxide, which is released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels such as coal and gas are burned.

One result of this change is that it makes the ocean a less hospitable environment. By making it harder for some types of marine life to grow and survive, ocean acidification disrupts the food web, which undermines the stability of the whole ecosystem.

Participants in the program learn about ocean health and ways they could minimize their personal impact on the ocean.

The science center is located at Fort Worden State Park., 3 August 2016. Article.

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