Webinar: “Ocean acidification in Alaska: current status, monitoring efforts, and potential impacts to marine life”, 9 August 2016

Date & time: Tuesday, 9 August, 10:00 AM AKDT

Speakers: Natalie Monacci & Bob Foy

Scientists estimate that the ocean is 30% more acidic today than it was 300 years ago, traceable to increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil-fuel combustion and land-use change. Lowering the pH of seawater affects the ability of shell-building organisms to build and maintain their shells, which puts stress on the entire marine food chain. Alaska is expected to experience the effects of ocean acidification sooner and more seriously than lower latitudes due to its temperature and circulation patterns.

This presentation will cover what we know about OA in Alaska, statewide monitoring efforts to track changes in seawater, and results of lab work to test the impacts of higher-acidity waters on commercially important species. It will also highlight resources available through the new Alaska Ocean Acidification Network, which was recently launched to help connect scientists and stakeholder communities, identify knowledge gaps, share data, and determine best practices for monitoring in Alaska.


Pre-registration for webinars is strongly encouraged. The audio portion of the call is through a toll-free phone line and the slide presentation is streamed via computer. For instructions on participating through your home office or at a satellite viewing location with others in your community, please see the webinar information page.

Further information and registration.

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