Announcing the 2017 Limnology and Oceanography Special Issue “Headwaters to oceans: ecological and biogeochemical contrasts across the aquatic continuum”

Manuscripts due 7 November 2016!

Limnology & Oceanography will be publishing a special issue in 2017, entitled “Headwaters to oceans: ecological and biogeochemical contrasts across the aquatic continuum,” and edited by Special Editors Marguerite Xenopoulos, John A. Downing, M. Dileep Kumar, Susanne Menden-Deuer, Maren Voss, and Robert Howarth. We welcome submissions from all interested researchers who work in this area.

The emphasis of the 2017 Special Issue for Limnology and Oceanography will be on the connectivity between aquatic ecosystems from headwater streams and inland waters, to coastal and marine systems. This special issue will focus on manuscripts that emphasize transformations and changes in ecology and biogeochemistry of waters across the continuum of ASLO’s fields: from limnology to oceanography.

Manuscripts emphasizing intellectual and scientific exchanges across limnology and oceanography; large-scale, emerging ideas; and transformations across inland-water to oceanic gradient will be especially welcome. Some potential topic areas might include nutrient and carbon dynamics, including release, transportation, transformation, and spiraling; food web continua, including functional changes, biodiversity gradients, evolutionary changes, and P/R; comparisons of the same principles and functions among ecosystems at different points in the continuum; comparison of the same phenomenon or finding among diverse aquatic ecosystems (e.g., acidification, foodweb strength, responses to pollution); and transformation across freshwater to wetland/coastal systems. Reviews, secondary analyses, and meta-analyses taking a comparative approach across systems will also be welcome.

The special issue begins with a targeted oral session at the upcoming ASLO meeting in Santa Fe. Submissions for the special issue do not need to be based on presentations at Sante Fe. The deadline for manuscript submission is November 7, 2016. Manuscripts may be submitted earlier, and accepted papers will be published online upon acceptance with a print issue expected later in 2017. Articles should be submitted through ScholarOne at the Wiley Limnology &Oceanography website:

Special Issue Editors:

  • Marguerite Xenopoulos, Trent University, mxenopoulos(at)
  • John A. Downing, Iowa State University, downing(at)
  • M. Dileep Kumar, National Institute of Oceanography, India, dileep(at)
  • Susanne Menden-Deuer, University of Rhode Island, smenden(at)
  • Maren Voss, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, maren.voss(at)
  • Robert W. Howarth, Cornell University, howarth(at)

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