NOAA SOARCE webinar: “Exploring ocean acidification through media”, 22 March 2016, 3pm EST

Young people are today’s stakeholders and advocates for change. Using EarthEcho Expedition: Shell Shocked videos and project-based learning tools educators can activate students’ critical thinking around this “wicked” global problem. This webinar will provide tools to embed best practices of service learning and project-based learning into a unit on OA for middle-grade level youth.

It takes more than knowledge of environmental issues to equip young people with civic skills to solve the complex problems facing our planet. Through service learning, youth identify community needs, develop plans and partnerships and are inspired and motivated to take action. This webinar will explore the Five Stages of Service Learning—investigation, preparation, action, reflection, and demonstration— and connect that process to OA resources. In this way students become both environmentally literate and effective community changemakers.

(SOARCE: Sharing Ocean Acidification Resources for Communicators and Educators)

Further information and registration.

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