Internship opportunity with NOAA: “Ocean Acidification Vulnerability State by State (MD)”

Summary / Description

The NOAA Ocean Acidification Program is interested in bringing on up to two college interns to assist us with research into how current and future impacts of ocean acidification may affect coastal states in an effort to support the development of a targeted outreach strategy. The intern will do research on the economic value of marine resources and an evaluation of how these resources might be affected by ocean acidification through literature review and interviews with scientists.

Skills required

Students need a working understanding of ocean acidification and its potential impacts (but not necessarily be a science major). Students must also have excellent analytical and writing skills. Students should have capacity to work independently but also be enthusiastic about working closely with a small team which involves a willingness to take on last minute tasks with short deadlines.

Other information

Internship Location: In Silver Spring, MD

Intern Supervisor: Libby Jewett

Number of slots available: 2

Further information.

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