Special session “Ocean biogeochemistry: novel approaches and synthesis” at the 2016 European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly, 17–22 April 2016, Vienna, Austria

Abstract deadline is 13 January 2016!

The cycling of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen in the world’s oceans is undergoing unprecedented change as a result of anthropogenic pressures. Observations and future projections of the complex interactions within these biogeochemical cycles and their perturbations will help us to understand the implications of future changes for marine ecosystems and ocean sustainability. This session will bring together researchers that use a range of novel techniques, including observations, experiments, models and remote sensing, as well as global data sets to further our understanding of the biogeochemical cycles in the ocean and its connection to ecosystems and climate. We welcome contributions dealing with the cycling of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen in the ocean, biogeochemical stoichiometry and elemental ratios, ocean acidification, exchange processes at the air-sea interface, role of sea-ice in global biogeochemical cycles and synthesis studies including those using new SOCAT and GLODAP data sets.

Conveners: Daniela Turk, Siv Lauvset, Eric Achterberg, Marcello Vichi, Tim Kalvelage, Jošt Valentin Lavrič, Judith Hauck, Fiz Perez, Nicholas Bates

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