Vacancy: Marine Research Specialist II, University of Rhode Island, USA

Deadline for submission of applications: 9 November 2015!

This is a fulltime, calendar year position, limited to 04/30/2016 with extension contingent on funding.

Basic function

Perform experimental and developmental work in support of major research programs on ocean acidification and marine microbial ecology. Develop new or modify existing research methods and procedures, most prominently in –omics analyses and development of ecological and metabolic models.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Use established analytical, experimental and investigative methods and techniques, with minor modifications and adaptations.
  • Collect, process, monitor and analyze samples and/or data obtained on Narragansett Bay, Southern Ocean and additional ocean expeditions and cruises in the future.
  • Maintain laboratory, equipment and analytical protocols for conformance with research priorities.
  • Responsible for problem definition and solution within above mentioned research projects.
  • Assist with the preparation for publication of manuscripts containing the results of research efforts.

Required qualifications

1. Bachelor’s degree in Biological Oceanography, Marine Microbiology or related field;

2. Two to three years of relevant research experience (as defined by the PI) required;

3. Demonstrated experience with cultivation, sampling and experimentation of microbial organisms, including lab safety procedures;

4. Demonstrated experience with research that addresses the role of microbial communities in nutrient cycling (mostly nitrogen) in marine environments;

5. Demonstrated experience in general laboratory chemical preparations;

6. Demonstrated experience in nutrient determinations;

7. Demonstrated experience with sterile procedures and RNA-safe procedures;

8. Demonstrated record of hands on experience with -omics-based research approaches;

9. Demonstrated working knowledge of computational methods that underpin bioinformatics and mathematical modeling approaches;

10. Demonstrated organizational skills;

11. Demonstrated lab management experience;

12. Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills;

13. Demonstrated ability to train students and other coworkers in a laboratory setting;

14. Demonstrated written and oral communication proficiency;

15. Ability to work at sea as needed;

16. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups.

Preferred qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Biological Oceanography, Marine Microbiology or related field;
  • Advanced coursework in molecular biology and nutrient geochemistry.

Contact person: Gail Henriques, Office of Human Resource Administration, ghenriques(at)

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