Exploring our changing oceans (audio)

A learning tool to help people understand corrosive oceans is traveling to coastal communities. The Alaska Marine Conservation council along with Cook Inlet Keeper is introducing a new interactive Ocean Acidification kiosk.  It’s first port, Homer.

“Even though there have been a lot of scientific presentations in our communities, there hasn’t been a regular presence of information for people to learn from. Our goal is to make the science more understandable and more available so people can get involved in addressing the issue.”   

Dorothy Childers is AMCC’s Associate Director

The result of this…

“The ocean has a chemical reaction that results in the ocean becoming more acidified. Experts are concerned about the effect it has on specific species, especially those that form shells.”
Visitors to the kiosk can press different buttons to watch and hear scientific facts about Ocean Acidification from experts in the field and fishermen on the grounds.

“It’s really a tool to learn and get more engaged. There is an opportunity through the kiosk to for people to sign up to receive more information in the future or to be included in meetings in the future so they can take part in the science and what we are going to do about it.”
The traveling Kiosk is the first of its kind.  AMCC   hopes to get funding to see that   more kiosks become permanent fixtures at harbors throughout Alaska. For now, the plan is to share the kiosk with many other Alaska communities.

“We are hoping that communities around the Gulf and Bering Sea will be interested in inviting the kiosk to come to their harbor.”
To learn more about the Ocean Acidification kiosk you can get videos and information at www.akmarine.org.

“The ocean naturally absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but because there’s a great deal more Co2 in the atmosphere as a result of emissions from the burning of fossil fuel means that the ocean is absorbing more carbon dioxide now than it ever has in the past.”

Alaska Fish Radio, 8 September 2015. Audio.

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