Ocean acidification and its impacts on the sea economy: what vision for 2050?

Greenhouse gases do not only cause global warming but also oceans acidification, a phenomenon which has several impacts. As explained by the fifth report  of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released in 2014, carbon dioxide, absorbed by the sea, will continue to cause a progressive increase of water acidity, leading to major biological and chemical changes.

This Lab project will evaluate the various kinds of impacts of oceans acidification on the economy of the sea, including the socio-economic consequences of decrease of fishery production, on tourism, on ecosystems, on migrations of populations and try to suggest a vision for 2050, also in terms of conceivable public policies. It will focus on recent developments in France and on its role, as the second maritime power state, in the emergence of sea businesses. The other case studies will be on Ecuador and Estonia and present local observations and interviews of key actors from the civil society, businesses and governments.


  • Nastasia Keurmeur, Master student at EHESS in Paris with a specialization in environmental economics, sea economics and political science
  • Diane Maffre, also a Master student in environmental engineering and management at Mines Paristech
  • Adrien Comte, Phd student at European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM), In Brest, France, specialized in environmental economics, ocean acidification and corals
  • Nicolàs Zambrano, environmental engineer working in Ecuador, specialized in climate change adaptation
  • Nicolas Pinceloup, graduated in ecology and environmental restoration the University of Strasbourg
  • Liina Pajusalu, Phd student at the University of Tartu, Estonia, specialized in hydrobiology, ocean acidification, seaweeds, and water chemistry
  • Katarina Oganjan, also Phd student at the University of Tartu, specialized in coastal ecosystem
  • Laura Välik, a freelance journalist on environmental topics and creator of a redesign company, also living in Estonia

Experienced in sea business or simply passionate about marine life, you can participate or get more information by sending an email at coordination-visions(at)climates.fr.

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