Sea Grant: Research proposal call for ocean acidification in the northeast

The Northeast Sea Grant Consortium (consisting of the Sea Grant programs in the Northeast including New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, MIT, Woods Hole, New Hampshire, Maine and Lake Champlain), in partnership with the NOAA Ocean Acidification Program (OAP), is seeking proposals to address the impacts of ocean acidification (OA) on key resource species in the northeast (New York Bight to the Gulf of Maine) as an aid to assist coastal communities in adapting to current and future OA conditions in the region.

Through this competition, we seek to support innovative biophysical and social science research that will further the understanding of the effects of ocean acidification on key coastal marine resource species and economies. Priority will be given to projects that address key knowledge gaps and research needs identified by the Northeast Coastal Acidification Network (NECAN – see below) focused on shellfish and finfish species of commercial, recreational and aquaculture relevance, including key forage species. This RFP is not intended to fund major OA technology development or monitoring efforts.

RESEARCH AREAS OF PARTICULAR INTEREST (as identified by NECAN in Gledhill et al 2015 (

  • Species-response studies of OA impacts on critical life stages of commercially important species of shellfish and finfish, particularly those in coastal and near-shore habitats.
  • The impact of eutrophication on coastal ocean acidification.
  • Multiple life stage and/or multi-generational studies that follow one or more organisms through multiple life stages exposed to increased pCO2 to determine potential population impacts.
  • Multistressor studies considering potentially synergistic or antagonistic effects of increased pCO2 combined with one or more other stressors such as temperature, hypoxia, salinity, ultraviolet exposure or trace metal exposure.
  • The relationship between OA and biofouling, particularly as it relates to the aquaculture industry.

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