A new online resource: “The Ocean Acidification Page”, Facebook

A new page addressing the topic of ocean acidification has been recently launched on Facebook. The page was created by Tullio Rossi, PhD student at the University of Adelaide, with the objective of bridging the gap between ocean acidification research and the general public. As Tullio mentions himself, this page represents “a place where science meets the public and the latest research is shared with the world.”

Recommendations for potential users

For the scientist: Use this page to directly share your research with the public. Remember to use a simple and interesting language; this is not a peer reviewed journal! Illustrations, comics, videos or even just plain text are all welcome. Before posting shoot a private message with your story to the page admin.

For the non-scientist: Here you can learn the latest ocean acidification discoveries directly from the source like it has never been possible before. Please ask questions and share out posts with your friends.

For the educator: feel free to reach out for information you would like to use in class.

To receive all notifications remember to TICK THE BOX GET NOTIFICATIONS under the like button. Go to the page.

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