Public presentation: “Ocean Acidification and the Dissolving Seas”, Dr. John A. Cigliano, 15 July 2015, Maine, USA

Date, time & location: 15 July 2015, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm, Moore Auditorium, Schoodic Institute, Acadia National Park, Acadia Drive, Winter Harbor, ME 04693, USA

Join Schoodic Institute for a public presentation by Dr. John A. Cigliano. Ocean acidification from CO2 emissions has already had a significant effect on growth, reproduction, and survival of many types of marine organisms. This talk will discuss the effects on Acadia National Park’s intertidal communities, and how Dr. Cigliano is partnering with Schoodic Institute, Earthwatch, and citizen scientists to document and understand these effects.

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