CERF 2015 Call for abstracts: “Ocean acidification and hypoxia: connecting science to decision-making”

Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 May 2015

The session that will highlight opportunities for linking information from the scientific community with natural resource managers to promote effective science-based decision making on the topics of ocean acidification and hypoxia (OAH). This session will explore pathways for tapping into cutting-edge OAH science, tools for understanding the information needs of managers,
and mechanisms to connect the two. Participants are encouraged to contribute talks about ocean acidification and hypoxia in the following areas:

– Social or natural science, focusing on connecting science to ocean and coastal policy, regulation, industry, and/or management

– Decision-making in natural resource management

Grand Challenges: Synergistic effects of ocean acidification with hypoxia, eutrophication or other conditions

Ocean acidification and hypoxia are drawing the attention of decision makers as they recognize potential impacts to coastal communities. As these issues move from the science realm, and into management and policy realms, government agencies are grappling with evolving science as they seek proactive engagement opportunities. We solicit speakers operating in and between science and policy, whose work plays a role linking research to management needs. Using examples from regional collaborations including the West Coast OAH Science Panel, speakers will highlight how scientists and decision makers can engage to help identify mechanisms for targeted management actions.

8-12 November 2015
Portland, Oregon
Oregon Convention Center

Hayley Carter

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