Quasimeme Workshop on Quality Assurance for inorganic carbon system measurements in context of ocean acidification monitoring

Timing and venue: 19th-21st May 2015; National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (NOC), UK
Organisers: Susan Hartman and Caroline Kivimae, NOC / Pam Walsham, Marine Scotland Science, Koen Parmentier, MUMM and Joop Harmsen Alterra Wageningen UR

Aims of the workshop

1. To obtain a consistent approach to sampling, sample pre-treatment sample storage across the OSPAR contracting parties for all four carbonate parameters (TA / DIC / pCO2 / pH).
2. Discuss the key analytical techniques for all four carbonate chemistry parameter measurements; challenges, limitations and misconceptions affecting quality of results. The emphasis of the workshop will be on theparameters of TA/DIC since these are likely to progress to the OSPAR CEMP but considerations will also be given to pH and pCO2.
3. To obtain a consistent approach to the analysis of TA/DIC, and correct use of reference materials/standards across the OSPAR region.
4. The role of Quasimeme exercises in Quality assurance and Quality assessment.
5. Consider the limitations of reference materials across the OSPAR region i.e. salinity ranges, open oceans and coastal waters.
6. Address issues with calculation of data using the various software packages
7. Address data quality objectives needed for various assessment purposes. GOA-ON identified the need for two different levels of data quality to ensure the availability of data and permit assessment of short term variability as well as longer term trends.

There is room for contributing presentations and posters. For submission of abstracts, see under registration. When you have specific questions on analytical issues, please send them to the QUASIMEME Project Office prior to the workshop, together with your registration, so that we can include those in the discussion sessions at the Workshop. Your participation in round table discussions and practical demonstrations are an important part of the workshop.


Participants should register before April 27, 2015 . Registration can be done by completing and e-mailing the registration form to the Quasimeme Project Office quasimeme(at)wur.nl.

The fee of €450 includes attendance of the workshop, report of the workshop, coffees, teas, lunches.


QUASIMEME Laboratory Performance Studies
Wageningen UR, PO Box 8005
6700 EC Wageningen, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)317 48 65 46, Fax: +31 (0)317 485666
E-mail: QUASIMEME(at)wur.nl

More information and registration form.

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