Though Hayes is gone, acidification project lives on

A project championed by former first lady Cylvia Hayes is still moving forward.
SALEM — Cylvia Hayes is no longer first lady, but many of the policies she pushed remain intact as top state priorities, including work on ocean acidification.

West Coast governors are working to arrange a meeting with senior officials in the White House and federal agencies to push for more spending on research into the problem, which has hit the region’s shellfish industry. The world’s oceans absorb an increasing amount of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels, and that corrosive water can prevent oyster and clam larvae from developing shells.

Congress and President Barack Obama have recently increased spending on research into the issue, and Oregon and West Coast states want a larger piece of it.

The high-level meeting on ocean acidification research was supposed to occur this spring, but might not happen until later this year. Gabriela Goldfarb, natural resources policy adviser to Gov. Kate Brown, said she was confident the meeting will still take place despite the departure of Hayes, who made ocean health one of her official initiatives and planned to participate in the meeting.

Hillary Borrud, Blue Mountain Eagle, 23 March 2015. Full article.


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