The 8th New Zealand Ocean Acidification Workshop “Ocean Acidification in New Zealand: present state, pHuture directions”, 9-11 February, Dunedin, New Zealand 2015

The 8th NZOA workshop took place at the University of Otago, Dunedin, with 52 participants, 22 talks and a number of posters.

As with previous years there was a wide range of talks covering different aspects of OA. Invited international participants provided both workshops and talks, including a public lecture by Professor Gretchen Hofmann (University of California Santa Barbara), and plenary talks by Maria Byrne (Univ of Sydney) & Katharina Fabricius (AIMS, Townsville) that covered the use of vents as natural CO2 laboratories, multiple stressors, physiological and genetic changes and the potential for genetic evolution/adaptation.

An update was provided on the New Zealand Ocean Acidification Network (NZOAN), and following reports from the national Ocean Acidification Committees, these were then reformed into one organization, the New Zealand Ocean Acidification Community (NZOAC). Following the main workshop, an Ocean Acidification technical day took place at Portobello Marine Laboratory and included a series of workshops, both theoretical and practical, from invited speakers Peter Dillingham and Christina McGraw (U New England, Armidale) and Doug Mackie (University of Otago), covering statistic considerations of experiments and technical aspects of pH and carbonate system measurement.

The workshop was organised by Abby Smith, Cliff Law, Kim Currie, Miles LaMare and Doug Mackie, and funded by the University of Otago Ocean Acidification Research Theme. The workshop programme can be downloaded here.

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