Graduate student course: Research Methods in Ocean Acidification, July – August 2015, University of Washington

July 20 – August 22, 2015, Friday Harbor Laboratories, University Washington, USA

Review of applications begins February 1, 2015 (late applications may be accepted if places are available).

Enrollment limited to 15 students.


The focus of teaching will be on interactive workshops and discussions of key issues, rather than traditional lectures (although there will be several of those too). Workshops and discussions will focus on critiques of key papers in the literature, which will be selected to present different viewpoints on key topics and engender debate. (As part of the course, you’ll be given guidance on the generic, and essential, skill of critically evaluating a scientific paper, and summarizing its content). In comparison to traditional lectures, this framework provides increased opportunity to anchor basic understanding and analysis methods, provides more flexibility to address key issues in the recent literature, allows us to tailor the content to material that is of relevance to your research, and is quite simply more fun.

Laboratory exercises will focus on establishing sound laboratory practice, which is essential for chemical analyses, but also highly relevant – albeit sometimes neglected – for design and analysis of biological experiments. These exercises will form the foundations on which you’ll build your lab/field project in the second half of the course.


Contact any of the instructors with questions about the course objectives:
Dr. Jon Havenhand jon.havenhand(at)
Dr. Andrew Dickson adickson(at)
Dr. Terrie Klinger tklinger(at)

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