OA-ICC December calendar: 26/12 – “OA greatest hits!”

Count down the days until 2015 together with the OA-ICC! Each day of December you will find a short story on the OA-ICC news stream highlighting an ocean acidification project, effort, or resource.

Discover today’s story below: “OA greatest hits!”

Who says ocean acidification cannot inspire musical jewels? If you share such an opinion, we will prove you wrong. You just need to go through the OA-ICC chart!

Number one on our hit-list: “No Shell Blues” (2011), created by Cuyler Bryant, 1st prize winner of the Dialogue Earth Ocean Acidification Video Contest – an OA-informative rap intro followed by a lyrical solo from Timmy Snail.

Our second favorite: “Time to Change” (2013), created by Thomas Li (performed featuring Ryan Yoo) – a very bold and talented take on “Glad You Came” by The Wanted.

Third but definitely not less engaging: “Ocean Acidification Song” (LINK) (2014), created by So Mang Han and Andrew Lee – breathes a new life into a melody already gone viral (a safe bet, but a very good one).

We are expecting more worthy pieces in the year to come. If you feel inspired and you don’t sound like a broken record when you sing, by all means let your creative spirit free!

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OA-ICC Highlights

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