Latin-American Workshop on Ocean Acidification (LAOCA), 9-16 November 2014, Dichato, Chile

pic LAOCAThe Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC) and the Millennium Institute of Oceanography and the Center for the Study of Multiple-Drivers on Marine Socio-Ecological Systems (MUSELS) at the Universidad de Concepción sponsored and coordinated an ocean acidification workshop on 9-16 November 2014 at the Universidad de Concepción Field Station, Dichato, Chile. Nineteen students, with a breakdown of 7 male to 12 female, from 7 Latin American countries (Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Columbia) participated. Students ranged from those who were in the process of obtaining their Masters or PhD degrees, postdoctoral students, and researchers/faculty. Students represented multiple sub-disciplines of biology and chemistry in oceanography.

This workshop was organized to be interactive and combined lectures (e.g. CO2 system and its measurement, experimental design), practicals (equipment and techniques), and group assignments to enhance different learning styles (e.g. designing biological experiments using echinoderms and gastropods larvae).

In addition, a mini-symposium was organized on 14 November 2014 with all of the lecturers and some additional lecturers giving 20 minute talks on a variety of different OA topics. This symposium was sponsored by the host institution and was “live” streamed over the internet. While was not officially part of the LAOCA workshop, it enhanced the learning and networking experience of the students, lecturers, and also viewers. Over 310 viewers from 10 countries listened in on the broadcast.

Text prepared by Ms Lisa Robbins, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center, USA.

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