OA-ICC December calendar: 11/12- “In 2015, touch base with the OA-ICC!”

Count down the days until 2015 together with the OA-ICC! Each day of December you will find a short story on the OA-ICC news stream highlighting an ocean acidification project, effort, or resource.

Discover today’s story below: “In 2015, touch base with the OA-ICC!”

In 2015, get yourself organized together with the OA-ICC and the two data bases it provides.

The OA-ICC bibliographic data base has currently more than 2000 references and includes citations, abstracts and allocated keywords that can be used for statistical analysis. It comprises journal articles, MSc and PhD dissertations, books, book chapters etc. from 1922 to present. The OA-ICC bibliographic data base is hosted on Mendeley and is available to all users free of charge. To access its resources, just follow this link!

The OA-ICC data compilation on the biological response to ocean acidification gives easy access to ocean acidification experimental data through a user-friendly data portal. Almost 600 data sets from published scientific papers are stored in the Pangaea data base. Make sure to read the User Instructions before entering the data portal here!

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