“Climate Change in the Baltic Sea: impacts of warming, desalination, eutrophication and acidification”, 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, 22-27 February 2015, Granada, Spain

The abstract submission deadline is 23:59 U.S. Central Daylight Time on Friday, 10 October 2014.

The Baltic Sea is an stressful habitat that is characterized by decreasing species and genetic diversity along its salinity gradient. In addition, the Baltic Sea suffers from eutrophication, which has led to hypoxic and anoxi “dead zones.” Dead zones are associated with high CO2 partial pressures. Climate change will likely increase the duration and magnitude of hypoxic events, changes in precipitation might lower salinity and lead to pronounced shifts in species distribution along the salinity cline. Ocean acidification will be particularly severe in this habitat, owing to the low buffering capacity at low salinities and the CO2 enriched state of hypoxic systems. It is unclear at present, how multiple stressors will impact species fitness and community structure. Central questions will be: -What scenarios of climate change are likely and what are the uncertainties of model projections? -How can we design efficient strategies to monitor multiple abiotic drivers? -How do species and communities cope with abiotic scenarios expected for the future Baltic Sea? -What is the relative impact of the various abiotic drivers on species fitness and community structure? -Are Baltic populations already adapted to more severe abiotic conditions and does this make them less vulnerable to future change?

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Frank Melzner , GEOMAR Kiel

Sam Dupont , University of Gothenburg

Thorsten Reusch , GEOMAR Kiel

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