Ocean acidification threatens economies and cultures around the world (text & video)

Ocean Conservancy intern Alexis Valauri-Orton spent the last three months on a journey around the world learning about ocean acidification.

She visited marine communities most at risk from ocean acidification and saw firsthand how dire the need is for more research, guidance and infrastructure to prepare for the challenges ahead. She produced a video, shown below, to help make the stories from her blog posts come alive.

Valauri-Orton encourages you to watch her video and “Listen to Waiaria talk about the value of shellfish to the identity of people in New Zealand … Watch fishermen in Peru celebrate El Dia de Pescadores … Tag along as a shellfish farmer in Thailand hand dredges the bay in the middle of the night … See the faces and the places that continue to drive my conviction that we have more work to do … And share them with your friends, so we can do good on what Peter, a cod-fisherman in Norway who can trace fishing back 1,000 years in his family, said to me: ‘The whole world has to know. Not only in this small place, but the whole world has to know what is happening.’”

Stefanie Spear, EcoWatch, 21 August 2014. Text & video.

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