Seattle Times ‘Sea Change’ series wins SEJ award

“Sea Change, the Pacific’s Perilous Turn,” the Seattle Times’ 2013 series on ocean acidification and its dramatic effects on everything from remote islands to the local fish market, has won the 2013-2014 Society of Environmental Journalists’ Kevin Carmody Award for Outstanding In-depth Reporting, Large Market.

The series was the work of Times reporter Craig Welch and staff photographer Steve Ringman. The judges said, “The bigger the disaster, the greater the hubris that preceded it. We often rationalize that the skies, land and water are too enormous, and we are too puny, to change them. ‘Sea Change’ is a brilliant, comprehensive and utterly terrifying series …”

They complimented the work involved. “Welch’s writing combines strong storytelling with clear, accessible science reporting to describe the scope of ocean acidification from remote islands to the local fish market. Ringman’s images, and the graphics and videos accompanying the pieces, fill in the blanks and drive home the global peril in ‘global warming’s evil twin.’” The judges said that the series “is a model of well-done big project journalism — the type that only happens when talented journalists enjoy support from their editorial bosses.” Welch and Ringman will receive their award on Sept. 3 at a ceremony in New Orleans, where the society will have its annual conference.

Erik Lacitis, The Seattle Times, 1 August 2014. Article.

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