Scientists, help share information and collaborate on ocean acidification research!

Would you like to know about on-going and planned ocean acidification research activities? Would you like to promote others to work with you? If so, please read on…

A database of ocean acidification research will be developed by the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC;, an IAEA project. The goal is to provide an overview of ongoing and planned research projects on ocean acidification, promoting information exchange and collaboration.

To participate in this effort, please just send an email including the information below to:

Lina Hansson, OA-ICC Project Officer, IAEA Environment laboratories (l.hansson(at)


Jim Barry, OA-ICC focal point for “Joint experiments” (barry(at)


Information needed:

  • project title
  • location
  • contact (name, institute, email)
  • brief research focus
  • potential collaborator focus
  • start date
  • end date
  • web link (if available)

Below are two examples of the information we need:

  • project title:  Effects of ocean acidification and hypoxia on benthic, deep-sea organisms
  • location:  Monterey Bay, California
  • contact (name, institute, email):  Jim Barry, MBARI, barry(at)
  • brief research focus :  Several aspects of individual performance will be evaluated including; physiological responses (e.g. metabolism, acid-base balance), behaviour (e.g. sensory and feeding success), survival, growth, calcification, and reproduction. Species include deep-sea urchins, octopus, snails. Includes laboratory and field studies.
  • potential collaborator focus:  physiology, various ‘omic’ responses, other?
  • start date:  2014
  • end date:  Ongoing
  • web link;


  • project title:  Nuclear and isotopic techniques for assessing the carbon cycle in the environment and the impacts of ocean acidification on future environmental sustainability (IAEA project code:
  • location: International Atomic Energy Agency Environment Laboratories, Monaco
  • contact (name, institute, email): Michel Warnau and Lina Hansson, IAEA, l.hansson(at)
  • brief research focus : experimental laboratory studies on the impacts of ocean acidification on bioaccumulation of pollutants in marine biota (including seafood safety aspects)
  • potential collaborator focus:  use of nuclear and isotopic techniques in ocean acidification research
  • start date:  2014-01-01
  • end date:  2015-12-31
  • web link;

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