Eye on Augusta: as the legislature returns – medicaid expansion, ocean acidification, pesticides, pensions & more

Now that the Legislature is back in session, the policy scuffles are proceeding in earnest. (…) For a schedule of public hearings along with the text of the bills, visit http://legislature.maine.gov/bills/testimony.html. (…)

Marine Resources Takes on Ocean Acidification

Rep. Mick Devin (D-Newcastle) has submitted a number of bills concerning the aquaculture industry that will be heard on Monday, January 13, by the Marine Resources Committee. However, Devin says his most urgent proposal is LD 1602, which would set up a commission to study the effects of ocean acidification and its potential impacts on commercial shellfish.

A marine biologist by trade, Devin says that when excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reacts with water, it forms carbonic acid, which can be particularly detrimental to coral reefs and shellfish including clams, mussels, oysters, sea urchins and crustaceans.


Andy O’Brian, The Free Press, 8 January 2014. Article.

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