Rewind: live chat with Sea Change reporter Craig Welch

The reporter for The Seattle Times’ Sea Change projectCraig Welch, hosted a live chat on Tuesday. View the replay below.

Joining Craig for the chat were:

Dr. Jeremy T. Mathis, a Supervisory Oceanographer at NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle. Mathis is an expert on ocean acidification in polar regions. He has conducted over a dozen cruises in the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea and is currently studying the economic impacts of ocean acidification on Alaska’s fisheries.

Dr. Richard A. Feely, a Senior fellow at the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle. He also holds an affiliate full professor faculty position at the University of Washington School of Oceanography. His major research areas are carbon cycling in the oceans and ocean acidification processes. He was awarded the Department of Commerce Gold Award in 2006 for research on ocean acidification. In November 2010, he was awarded the Heinz Award for his pioneering research on ocean acidification.

Bob Payne, The Seattle Times, 16 September 2013. Chat.

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