Inter-agency ocean acidification data parameter vocabulary group

An inter-agency ocean acidification parameter vocabulary group was formed with the goal to create an ocean acidification parameter list to facilitate OA data sharing. The approved ocean acidification parameters will be published in the Interagency Ocean Acidification Parameter list which resides on the Marine Metadata Interoperability (MMI) web site.

Current Members

  • Rob Ragsdale (IOOS)
  • Hassan Moustahfid (IOOS)
  • Emilio Mayoga (NANOOS/Univ. of Washington)
  • Sara Haines (SECOORA/UNC – CH)
  • Don Collins (NODC)
  • Hernan Garcia (NODC)
  • Liqing Jiang (NODC)
  • Alex Kozyr (CDIAC)
  • Cyndy Chandler (BCO-DMO)
  • Dwight Gledhill (OAP)
  • Leticia Barbero (AOML)
  • Cathy Cosca (PMEL)
  • Simone Alin (PMEL)

Contact the inter-agency ocean acidification data parameter vocabulary group at

Need Help?

For questions please contact

NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center, 5 April 2013. Web page.

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