Ocean acidification panel draws crowd

2013 Fishermen’s Forum starts off strong

The 2013 Maine Fishermen’s Forum got off to a strong start today with a panel discussion on ocean acidification and its potential effects on the state’s seafood industry.  Panelists for the discusion of “Facing Ocean Acidification in Maine: Identifying our Stakes, Questions and Tools to Adapt and Protect the Fisheries” included Susie Arnold and Nick Battista of the Institute’s marine programs team and several other stakeholders: fishermen, growers, clammers and researchers.  They ahsred personal stories, findings and questions about the effects of changing seawater chemistry in Maine’s fisheries.

Part 1 included a look at how other states are working to adapt and protect resources, and an invitation to help Maine meet the challenge.  Part 2 focused on tools to detect and manage the impacts, and was designed for scientists, resource managers and technically inclined seafood producers to explore the tools needed to document the impacts, inform policy and reduce harm in Maine fisheries.  Approximately 50 people attended the seminar, and a working group was formed to look at next steps in this effort.  For more information on the 2013 Maine Fishermen’s Forum schedule, click here.

To learn more about ocean acidification and to view the panel listing, please click on the links below.

For more information on the Island Institute’s work with fisheries and other marine matters, contact Nick Battista, marine programs director, at nbattista(at)islandinstitute.org or 594-9209 x 146.

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Island Institute, 28 February 2013. Press release.

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