2012 Coastal Summit features marine science and ocean acidification panel

ABERDEEN — Rapidly changing ocean chemistry, earthquakes and tsunamis, the impacts of plastics on the ocean and other scientific topics are on the agenda for public sessions of the Coastal Summit in Long Beach, Washington, Dec. 8. The event, now in its third year, convenes the four coastal Marine Resource Committees to share knowledge and ideas with each other and the public and build a network of informed and empowered coastal communities.

Subjects and speakers are “Coastal Earthquakes” by Brian Atwater, geologist for the US Geological Survey and UW research professor; “Ocean Acidification” by Shallin Busch, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) research ecologist; “Ocean Modeling” by UW oceanographers Neil Banas, Sarah Giddings and Samantha Siedlecki; “Plastics” by the Port Townsend Marine Science Center and biologist Wally Davis; and “Ocean Abundance” by Oregon State University marine fisheries ecologist Selina Heppell.

Summit coordinator Casey Dennehy of the Surfrider Foundation said, “We have invited scientists who are pre-eminent in their fields to examine some of the most serious problems facing our oceans and the people who care for them. This is an excellent opportunity for the public to learn about these topics and what role citizens can play in protecting our coast and achieving healthier seas.”

Chinook Observer, 27 November 2012. Full article.

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