Interdisciplinary symposium on ocean acidification and climate change

11-14 December, 2012

Climate change and ocean acidification (OA) are threatening coastal organisms, aquaculture and fisheries. A multidisciplinary team approach is required to evaluate these impacts and to understand the mechanisms and physiological processes behind these impacts. The lack of multidisciplinary team work, especially in Asia, is limiting our ability to understand these devastating climate change associated impacts. Such a team would facilitate greater competence in applying for “Collaborative Research Grants” to global funding agencies. Therefore, this symposium will gather researchers to form an “International and Multidisciplinary Group for OA research”.

Our aims are to:

  • Bring ecologists, economists, engineers and molecular biologists to establish collaborations and to use ecophysiology, material science and “omics” tools in climate change studies.
  • Identify important research gaps that can only be addressed by multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Form an international and interdisciplinary collaborative research team for climate change studies.

Symposium conclusions will be published in an International Journal

Tuesday (Dec. 11th 2012)
Opening ceremony and mixing party (starts at 4.30 pm)

Wednesday (Dec. 12th 2012)
Climate change: coastal warming, acidification and hypoxia
Coastal aquaculture and fisheries in a changing climate
Coastal climate change: a physiological perspective
Larval life in the changing coastal oceans

Thursday (Dec. 13th 2012)
Biomineralization: a materials engineering perspective
“OMICS”: a powerful tool in modern ecology research
The forum for collaborative coastal acidification research
Symposium Banquet

Friday (Dec. 14th 2012)
Graduate students perspectives on multidisciplinary OA research
How to write and publish brilliant research papers—tips from experts

Invited speakers
Marine Biology
Atsushi Ishimatsu (Japan)
Mary Sewell (New Zealand )
Rajan (Hong Kong)
Sam Dupont (Sweden)

Jason Hall-Spencer (UK)
Minhan Dai (China)
Richard Bellerby (Norway)
Yongli Gao (China)

Anne Skiftesvik (Norway)
Howard Browman (Norway)
Pauline Ross (Australia)
Tan Shau-Hwai (Malaysia)

“Omics” Technology
Ivan Chu (Hong Kong)
Pei Yuan Qian (Hong Kong)
Yun Lam (Hong Kong)
Zhang Rui (China)
Ziniu Yu (China)

Materials Engineering
Andrew Mount (USA)
Haimin Yao (Hong Kong)
Kaimin Shih (Hong Kong)
Paul D Taylor (UK)
Tong Zhang (Hong Kong)

Luke Brander (Hong Kong)
Alice Chan (Hong Kong)
David Sheehan (Ireland)

Registration and Abstract Submission:

Deadline: 31 October 2012
Fee — USD 300 (Students— USD150)
Limited reg. and accommodation waivers are available
Send your abstract for registration to
Ms. Jessie Lai (Symposium Secretariat)
V. Thiyagarajan (Rajan)

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