Book review “Ocean acidification”

Ocean acidification, ed. by Jean-Pierre Gattuso and Lina Hansson. Oxford, 2011.
326p bibl index afp ISBN 9780199591084, $135.00; ISBN 9780199591091 pbk, $67.95 2011-275341

This book discusses the historical, geological, biological, physical, chemical, and societal aspects of ocean acidification. It is the first comprehensive review of its kind on this topic. The well-organized volume, with contributions from internationally respected experts, devotes 15 fully referenced chapters introducing the problems presented by the dissolution of increasing amounts of atmospheric CO2 into the oceans.

The first chapter discusses the relevant physical and chemical processes, and places the problem in context. Subsequent chapters address past, present, and future ocean chemistry; effects of acidification on marine ecosystems; feedbacks and consequences of acidification on other physical and chemical processes; and societal issues and policy decisions.

Hinman N. W., 2012. “Ocean acidification.” CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries Aug. 2012: 2315. Academic OneFile. Web. 5 Oct. 2012. Full review.

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