Ocean acidification communication workshop

COMPASS brought together 22 scientific leaders studying ocean acidification (OA) for an intensive communication workshop preceding the Third International Ocean in a HIgh-CO2 World Sympsium in Monterey, CA. Our goals were to help scientists to 1) crystallize their core messages to more effectively communicate their individual research, as well as the state of the science as a whole; 2) better understand each other’s work to catalyze new collaborations and build community; and 3) identify their stories that bring this science to light to answer the tough questions that policy makers and the public want to know: “So what? Why does this matter? And, what should we do about it?”

Journalist trainers for the workshop included Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post, Christopher Joyce of National Public Radio, David Malakoff of Science Magazine, and Alok Jha of The Guardian. The workshop was staffed by Communication Director Nancy Baron, Policy Director Chad English, Science Director Karen McLeod, and Assistant Science Director Heather Galindo.

You can connect to these OA scientists on Twitter, learn more about the workshop and symposium from Nancy’s blog post, and see photographs from the workshop on Facebook.

COMPASS, 20 September 2012. Article.

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