Understanding ocean acidification: hands-on demos and activities

This website presents hands-on demonstrations and experiments done at the Ocean Acidification workshop, July 2012. The site also includes presentations by scientists and educators, useful links, and an ocean pledge that explains on a personal level what you can do to reduce CO2 emissions.

The hands-on activities will help demonstrate and explore the effects of increasing carbon dioxide on the acidity of the ocean and learn about impacts an acidic ocean has on marine organisms, the ocean food web, and humans. You will also investigate the causes for increased ocean acidity and learn about ways to minimize your impact.

Author: NOAA Channel Islands National Marine SanctuarySubject:Science and TechnologyInstitution

Name: NOAA Channel Islands National Marine SanctuaryCollection:Our Changing Ocean and Estuaries

Level:Middle School, High School

Language: English

Material Type: Activities and Labs
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