Ocean acidification (audio)

Iosefa Percival recently joined Conservation Internationals Pacific Islands Program (CI – PIP) as an intern to research the likely impacts of ocean acidification in the Pacific Islands.

Born and raised in Tiapapata, Iosefa Percival recently returned to Samoa from Brandeis University in Boston, USA for an internship with Conservation International. In this interview Iosefa discusses Ocean Acidification, his research plans in Samoa and why this information is so important for our region.

The ongoing acidification of the oceans poses a serious threat to all marine life and to the people of the Pacific who depend on its resources.The focus of Iosefas study is to compile, synthesize and present published data on what is known about Ocean Acidification and its potential impacts on the Pacific Islands.

Xavier Bichon, SBS Audio and Language, 8 August 2012. Audio.

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