Updating the Ocean Acidification FAQ document – please subscribe to the update mailing list!

Dear colleague,

We are updating the Ocean Acidification Frequently Asked Questions this summer to reflect the new knowledge and questions that have arisen since the original writing of the OA FAQs in 2010. As an expert in ocean acidification research, we need your help to answer questions, review and edit answers, and/or translate the FAQs into other languages. We plan to complete the update by September, 2012.

Please subscribe to the OA-FAQ update mailing list managed by the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Project (www.us-ocb.org) to connect with the project, using this link: http://mailman.whoi.edu/mailman/listinfo/oafaq-update. The list is moderated, so you won’t get junk mail sneaking through.

Also, please share this invitation with other OA experts who would be interested in contributing to the FAQs, especially those outside the United States.

Thank you for helping with this high-impact outreach project.

Best wishes,
Sarah Cooley
OCB Project Office

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