NOAA seminar: coral reef conservation ocean acidification science plan overview

Date and Time: June 13, 2012, 14:00-15:00 Eastern Time Zone [Check U.S. Time clock for your local time]
Location: NOAA SSMC-4, Room 10153 (1305 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD, 20910)
Speaker(s): Dwight Gledhill (NOAA Ocean Acidification)
OneNOAA Seminar Sponsor: NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program

Changes in ocean chemistry in response to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, termed ocean acidification (OA), has emerged as a topic of considerable concern to scientist, policy makers, and resource managers. Over the next century changes in carbon dioxide could impart significant, albeit poorly understood, impacts to marine resources. The NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program Ocean Acidification Science Plan is intended to guide NOAA funded coral reef ecosystem OA research for 2012-2016, including research conducted through extramural partners, grants and contracts. The plan covers all shallow coral reef ecosystems under the jurisdiction of the United States and Pacific Freely Associated States, and outlines national research needed to address the many management challenges for reducing threats, reversing declines and promoting the resilience of coral reef ecosystems.

The research priorities identified in the plan are designed to address the following three questions.

What recent past declines in coral reef ecosystems health can be attributed to OA?
What present aspects of contemporary coral reef ecosystems are most susceptible to OA?
What are the future effects of OA together with other global and local threats in this century on coral reef ecosystems?

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