CeMEB Advanced Course 2012: marine evolution under climate change

International course for PhD students, post docs and master students

Deadline for registration: 30th September 2012

19 – 23 November 2012, Kristineberg

What determines species-sensitivity to future environmental stressors and how does it relates to species recent evolutionary history? What life-history strategies will be selected in future ocean? How can we assess a species adaptation potential? What is the role of phenotypic plasticity in species resilience? What will be evolutionary rules in future oceans? What is the role of ecological interactions in future ecosystem changes?

This is an international course for PhD students and postdocs to learn more about how climate change (including global warming, ocean acidification, hypoxia) affects evolutionary rules that shape ocean ecosystem.

Invited teachers:
Piero Calosi, Plymouth University
Jenn Sunday, Simon Fraser University

CeMEB teachers:
Sam Dupont, course coordinator

Your applications should include a short description of your research interest and why you would like to participate, max one A4 page, as well as CV with publication list.

Deadline for registration: 30th September 2012
Send your application to:

If you have any questions – please contact Eva Marie Rödström or Sam Dupont.

The course is funded through the Swedish Royal Academy of Science and therefore free of charge. Travel expenses are not included.

University of Gothenburg. Web site.

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