Updating the Ocean Acidification Frequently Asked Questions document

We would like your suggestions for new and updated questions for the Ocean Acidification Frequently Asked Questions document (OA FAQs). You can view the existing questions and answers, and you can submit new ones through the OA FAQ Update Project website or by emailing them to Sarah Cooley (scooley(at)whoi.edu) and including “[FAQ]” somewhere in the subject line. You can submit questions any time until June 25, 2012.

The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Program’s ocean acidification subcommittee is leading this update effort in advance of the international Oceans in a High-CO2 World meeting in September 2012. Since 2010, the OA FAQs have been circulated worldwide, have been translated into French, German, and Chinese, and have inspired other documents for the public such as “Ocean acidification: Questions Answered”. With this major global gathering coming up, OCB feels it is time to update the entire document based on the many new scientific findings published in the last two years.

Once we collect the new questions, we will seek volunteers from the scientific community to contribute to writing new answers. We plan to call on the authors of the existing OA FAQ and the ocean acidification research community closer to the time we’ll be writing the new answers (July), but we always welcome early volunteers! To volunteer, please contact Sarah Cooley (scooley(at)whoi.edu).

Sarah R. Cooley
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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