New report reveals concern, insecurity regarding ocean acidification among Alaska fishermen and coastal residents

A report released this week by a community-based fisheries group shows concern over the long-term impacts of ocean acidification on Alaska fisheries and livelihoods.  The study by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) is based on community roundtable discussions held this winter in the fisheries-dependent communities of Homer, Kodiak, and Dillingham. 

“Ocean acidification has the potential to significantly impact the health and productivity of Alaska’s oceans,” said Rachel Donkersloot, lead author of the study and Fisheries Program Director at AMCC.  “While we don’t yet know exactly how ocean acidification will affect specific fisheries, we do know it’s a threat to marine habitat and the ocean food web which our economies and communities ultimately depend on.  Fishermen and coastal Alaskans are concerned.”

Alaska Business Monthly, 30 March 2012. Full article.

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