Post-doc opportunity: Climate modeling and the energy/carbon/climate problem

Carnegie Institution Department of Global Ecology on the Stanford campus

We use and modify existing physics and biogeochemical models of the Earth (atmosphere, ocean, and land surface), and perform back-of-envelope calculations, to help evaluate and develop innovative solutions to the energy/carbon/climate problem. We also address questions related to basic climate science, energy-systems analysis, and ocean acidification.

We seek to hire several outstanding post-doctoral researchers who can lead research projects involving climate model simulations that contribute to some of these research directions. We are looking to develop an exciting collegial atmosphere with a lot of personal freedom, wherein each group member both leads research projects and collaborates on projects led by others.

The initial term will be for one year with the potential for renewal for up to a maximum of three years. The position will be at the Carnegie Institution Dept. of Global Ecology on the Stanford University campus. Carnegie Institution post-docs have access to most Stanford facilities. Interested potential post-docs should send to (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a few sentences on research interests and/or possible research projects, and (3) the names and contact info for three references.

Key factors in our hiring decisions will be intelligence, thoughtfulness, creativity, motivation, productivity, and a record of successful scientific or technical publication. We are flexible with regard to your domain of expertise. However, we do need to hire somebody who feels comfortable running and analyzing climate model simulations.

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