New version of seacarb

seacarb is an R package that calculates parameters of the seawater carbonate system and includes functions useful for ocean acidification research. Version 2.4.3 has just been released. It includes:

  • A new function, carbm, which returns parameters of the carbonate system when seawater is artificially manipulated. At the present time, only boron addition is considered.
  • The formulation of Lee et al. (2010), in addition to that of that of Uppstrom (1974), to calculate the concentration of total boron from salinity.

Note that it may take a few days for the package to propagate to the various R servers.

As always, bug reports (hopefully none!) and suggestions are welcome (gattuso(at) and Héloïse Lavigne (lavigne(at)

Lavigne H. & Gattuso J.-P., 2011. seacarb: seawater carbonate chemistry with R. R package version 2.4.3.

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