EU support for mesocosm studies in 2012

The EU-supported MESOAQUA project has funding available for international involvement in mesocosm studies in 2012, either for participation in experiments already planned by others, or for development of new activities.   EU funding will cover researchers’ travel and accommodation,  technological support and some consumables. Either individuals or groups can apply. The deadline is 30 September 2011 and additional information is available at

Of the six mesocosm experiments already planned for 2012, two involve ocean acidification.  Their (slightly shortened) titles are:

“Effect of ocean acidification on summer phytoplankton in the eastern Baltic” KOSMOS facility, Kiel; 15 June-24 July.  PI: Ulf Riebesell (

“Combined effect of warming and acidification on plankton food webs” MEDIMEER facility, Sete/Montpelier; 14 May-22 June. PI: Francesca Vidussi (

In addition to the above, the mesocosm facilities at Umea-UMSC (Sweden) and Ny Alesund-KBML (Svarlbard/Spitzbergen) are available for the periods January-July and June-July 2012 respectively.

The MESOAQUA project ends in 2012.  Researchers wishing to use any of the mesocosm facilities within that partnership after then will need to discussed their plans with the facility managers (information at and obtain their own funding.

Originally disseminated by Phil Williamson, Science Coordinator: UK Ocean Acidification research programme

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