Cruise opportunity

We will have an Ocean Acidification cruise coming in Aug (Aug 07 – Sept 01) on R/V Oceanus. The project is to study how the distribution of pteropods in-situ is related to the carbonate chemistry in the two major ocean basins, North Atlantic vs. North Pacific. This year we’ll sample North Atlantic along the CLIVAR A20N (35-50N), and next year will be North Pacific P17N. This is a great opportunity to do a comparison study in the two ocean basins. The complete carbonate chemistry, nutrients, and DO will be measured during the cruises plus pteropod sampling using nets and in-situ acoustics.
We still have some berth places available, and are also looking for volunteers to join our team. If you are interested in being on the cruise or sending someone on the cruise, please let me know, and we can have a more detailed discussion.

Zhaohui ‘Aleck’ Wang
Assistant Scientist
Marine Chemistry& Geochemistry
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
McLean 203, MS#8
266 Woods Hole Road
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