Educational outreach: Ocean acidification, ecosystems, and climate

On February 5, JISAO scientist Nicholas Bond co-taught a class with Dr. Richard Feely of NOAA/PMEL called Ocean Acidification, Ecosystems, and Climate. The class was part of Sound Waters, an event sponsored by Washington State University Island County Beach Watchers in connection with the public education effort by that group.

Dr. Feely’s portion of the class consisted of a lecture and a demonstration of the effects of carbon dioxide on acidification by using local samples of fresh and salt water with dry ice as a source of CO2. Dr. Bond gave a lecture presentation combined with a pair of small group activities. For these activities participants were encouraged to answer short lists of questions based on discussions within their groups. The two sets of issues that were addressed involved how global climate change is liable to be manifested in the Pacific Northwest and how private citizens can most effectively limit their carbon footprints.

This is a popular class that was also held in February 2010.

Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean Outreach, 5 February 2011. Web site.

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