World conference on marine biodiversity. Session: Biodiversity response to climate change and the functional consequences

26-30 September 2011
Aberdeen, Scotland

Session 14 outline: The addition of anthropogenic CO2 into the atmosphere has led to ocean warming, increased stratification, altered circulation, deoxygenation (expanding oxygen minima), and acidification. This session is intended to examine how these factors act alone and synergistically to affect the community structure and biodiversity of marine communities, and to explore the functional consequences of these alterations. These effects will occur in shallow and deep water, in planktonic and benthic systems, and superimposed on natural cycles, both past and present.  This session embraces any research that addresses the links between climate change, biodiversity and function, and encourages a discussion of management implications.

Convenor:  Lisa Levin

World Conference on Marine Biodiversity 2011 web site:

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