300,000 hits for the EPOCA blog!

A short post to highlight the fact that this blog just passed the 300,000 hits mark! Thank you all for your interest. The EPOCA Project Office likes to hear your suggestions.

Here are a few more numbers:

  • 2,411 posts have been published since 2006
  • 425 subscribers through RSS or email
  • 161 Twitter followers
  • an unknown number of FaceBook friends

I remind you below the content of the “About” page. Also, comments are always welcome. Just type your comment in the box located below each article. Note that comments are moderated.

Jean-Pierre Gattuso
EPOCA Scientific Coordinator

This blog was started in July 2006 as a “one man” effort. It is a product of EPOCA, the European Project on Ocean Acidification since May 2008 and it is sponsored by the IMBER and SOLAS projects since January 2010. Its only ambition is to centralize information available on ocean acidification and its consequences on marine organisms and ecosystems. By no means it is meant to be comprehensive but we are trying to provide an unbiased view of the literature and media articles. The owner of this blog, the European Commission and the sponsoring organizations do not endorse the information published.

This blog is coordinated by:

Jean-Pierre Gattuso, CNRS Senior Research Scientist
CNRS-Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6, France
Email: gattuso at obs-vlfr.fr
Web site

Contributors are:

  • Jean-Pierre Gattuso, EPOCA coordinator (gattuso at obs-vlfr.fr)
  • Lina Hansson, EPOCA Project Manager (hansson at obs-vlfr.fr)
  • Anne-Marin Nisumaa, EPOCA Information Technology Manager (nisumaa at obs-vlfr.fr)

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